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All in Good Fun

All in Good Fun

Sorry it has been acouple of days since the last post. to answer a few of your questions……

1. Kind of new to the WordPress form of blogging, a great present for me would be server space and a domain which would allow me to do a lot more for this site and my own. Blue Host is a good site for this. that being said, in the next couple of days i will invite you to all author on this site. So you can add posts (i.e. kris kringle ideas, grievances, etc.) and various other actions.

2. Another great gift  would be a gift card from Pearl Paint.

I have other ideas which i will post over the weekend.

Couple of Sites of interest:

Music that only Therese can understand. (if you like the song, u can control click (on mac), or right click (on windows), and save to desktop, drag into itunes, and there u go!!!)

For all you readers or audio book fans The Project Gutenberg is a site for free print and audio books that are public domain.

If you missed The Office or 30 Rock last night, like I did, and didn’t record them, like I did. You can always stream them from your computer at Hulu. If you don’t know Hulu, now you know.

This last one is a bit heavy, but interesting, 10 Fascinating Last Pictures Taken.

Everyone have a wonderful weekend!!


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