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All in Good Fun

All in Good Fun

Sorry it has been acouple of days since the last post. to answer a few of your questions……

1. Kind of new to the WordPress form of blogging, a great present for me would be server space and a domain which would allow me to do a lot more for this site and my own. Blue Host is a good site for this. that being said, in the next couple of days i will invite you to all author on this site. So you can add posts (i.e. kris kringle ideas, grievances, etc.) and various other actions.

2. Another great gift  would be a gift card from Pearl Paint.

I have other ideas which i will post over the weekend.

Couple of Sites of interest:

Music that only Therese can understand. (if you like the song, u can control click (on mac), or right click (on windows), and save to desktop, drag into itunes, and there u go!!!)

For all you readers or audio book fans The Project Gutenberg is a site for free print and audio books that are public domain.

If you missed The Office or 30 Rock last night, like I did, and didn’t record them, like I did. You can always stream them from your computer at Hulu. If you don’t know Hulu, now you know.

This last one is a bit heavy, but interesting, 10 Fascinating Last Pictures Taken.

Everyone have a wonderful weekend!!


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Gift Card Debate

I think Gift Cards are a good idea…..tell me what you think…..

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Happy Birthday Jamie!!!


This is the 1st post here on Tully Talk. Which is a blog i created in which we can all write on, update, and share ideas, etc. If you are like me, which is probable with the close sharing of genes, than your inbox is full of short lined emails from one another. While not discouraging the constant communication, I think it would be easier more organized to have a site for all of us. That being said, if you don’t like the look, title, or layout of said site, or need help in accessing it, let me know I’m here to help. We can do this on a trial (not trail) basis…..if it doesn’t work out so be it….more importantly Jamie is 28…..Happy Birthday Jamie Jamie its your birthday……

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